Markus Vogl




Who I am

Figures and statistics are my world. As a consultant, I am a data analyst and data scientist with passion and commitment in complex projects. I am a reliable partner for our clients, keeping an eye on all the numbers and details in the big picture.


My Skills

I bring a solid educational background with a Master of Science Economics and Law in Finance and a BA in Trade and Service Management (Financial and Insurance Markets). In the past projects I was working, I was able to build up a thorough knowledge of financial big data and AI, programming and  quantitative finance and research. I am currently PhD candidate in Financial- and risk modelling and Chaos Theory.


My Experience

My core topics are data science and business intelligence (financial analysis and applied statistics) and the corresponding project management. In a precious project I was working as consultant and leading the static counterparty data migration after writing of upload scripts for automated data uploads to core banking systems. Another topic was the migration of counterparty data between data banks and banking systems and core banking systems or the design and implementation of data bank structure for approximately 100,000 global financial instruments.



A collegial environment and the personal relationship with customers, with a lot of know-how and people who support each other. The company, which is run by the founder, creates trust and the open mindset gives rise to many new opportunities.