Silvan Amberg, CFA, CAIA

External Partner



Who I am

As a independent Swiss Certified Tax Expert I am helping blockchain companies, asset managers and investors navigating through tax jungles around the globe.


My Skills

My focus is on capturing and structuring complex challenges into a holistic, achievable goal. Either in customer projects or in business development. I also ensure that the people involved have a point of contact that accompanies and supports them in their activities. My educational background is a Master degree in economics, a Bachelor in international affairs, a Swiss tax expert diploma, a CFA and a CAIA.


My Experience

As a CFA and CAIA charterholder I have the technical background to understand the specific needs of the financial services industry. Since about seven years I have been working for asset managers, banks and pension funds. After 12 years with a big consulting firm I decided to start my own tax practice working as a freelancer. My expertise is Swiss corporate tax law, completed by a broad understanding of international tax matters, transfer pricing and VAT.



As an external partner and independent professional, I value the network for new projects and as a way to offer clients the best competences.